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Goodness from the ground up!
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Goodness from the ground up

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A variety of veggies keep you wanting more

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Delivering fresh produce
from over 50 farm families

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Help end potato prejudice…
potatoes are veggies too!

BCfresh is the premier provider of locally-grown vegetables found on plates across Western Canada and the United States. As a 100% grower-owned and operated company, our focus is delivering fresh produce to you.  From 50+ family farms throughout the Fraser Valley, select BC regions and premier growing areas across North America, BCfresh is a year-round supplier of the very best fresh veggies.
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Favourite Recipes

Check out some favourite recipes from our farms, staff and online gems.  View Recipes 

Meet the Growers

More than 50 family farms grow BCfresh vegetables. Meet Growers
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green leafBCfresh delivers their produce to restaurants, farmers markets, grocery stores, institutions, food processors, and food banks. Our customers receive exceptional service from our growers and our distribution network. BCfresh partners with long-term suppliers from Western Canada and Western US to ensure fresh produce is available for customers year-round.
green leafPotatoes, carrots, and baby peeled carrots can be found conveniently bagged on the shelves of grocery stores. Other BCfresh vegetables, as well as potatoes and carrots, are displayed and sold unpackaged. Look for a grower’s story on a bag of potatoes.
green leafBCfresh believes in a healthy lifestyle – from the ground up. Living to a ripe old age begins with plenty of vegetables on your plate. Try a vegetable you’ve never tasted. Access our recipes. Share your culinary adventure with us. Discover the goodness of fresh, local produce.


Braised Red Cabbage

Braised Red Cabbage with Bacon



BCfresh products: 100% grower-owned and operated.

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